Recording of Daddy Interviewing Mama in 1995 For East Tennessee State University Regional Historical Archive Project

Daddy and Mama participated in a regional historical archive project that East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN was working on as part of their Institute of Continuing Learning classes that they took at the university in the spring and fall.

While most of Daddy and Mama’s contributions were written, using a cassette recorder, they recorded an interview with Daddy asking questions and Mama answering about Mama’s family in east Tennessee. 

Through technology, I was able to convert that recording to an MP3 file. Then adding pictures of Daddy and Mama, I was able to create a video and upload it to YouTube:

What is wonderful about this is that some of Fields of Gold: A Love Story can be heard as told by Mama to Daddy in this interview.

I’m thankful to have the ability to preserve this recording because it’s the only thing I possess that has their voices. Some people don’t even get that, so I know this is a blessing.


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